Sack Boy works For the Red Team! [Testing Blood]

testin the blood
C&C i need it :stuck_out_tongue:

That sackboy is a spy!

Really bad blood.

Thats why you give me Crits about how i can be better Not just tell me something pointless :] K thx

I just don’t know where to start.

It’s just… Bad.

Don’t use stroke, blood needs to be transparent. Why is it so shiny?

i guess i tried to make it cartoonie cause he reminds me of a cartoon but yes it is really shiny hmm i was trying to go for cartoon/seme Real i guess… Got any websites i can use to learn how to make it awesome!

This is tf2 blood.

What you made is not.

And these don’t really deserve a thread, for now, stick these Sackboy posts in the ‘Shit that doesn’t deserve a thread’ thread.
Sorry, but these don’t warrant their own thread.


Also, up your graphics.

Agree’d ^

And the posing on the hand that is holding the knife looks odd, looks like it should be on the bottom of the knife.

my graphics are the highest with my Ge force 8800 gtx


do you have the sack boy model lol you cant really do to much its just cute/funny

No, your graphics DEF aren’t the highest. Turn the AA up.

Yeah, the sackboy model can do a lot more than that. He’s pretty flexible, you’d learn that if you weren’t a complete burke.:crossarms:

well theres 2 sack boy models that i know Of and with the one i got i cant change his face or handsi can move them around and such

Don’t use Blending Effects (Is it really blending?.. idk now, too long without PhotoShop) at blood… its bad

That blood looks like plastic. Blending effects in PS? :v: If you used them, don’t use them anymore for blood.

The blood looks too solid, but keep trying!
Also, the sackboy is holding the knife oddly.

Who keeps rateing people dumb? If I find out, I’ll get a mod to kick 'im. Blood is a little… ah hell, everybody’s said it already.