Sackboy driving around in his new ride and some old tf2 screenshots.

I didn’t really spent much time on the editing. I was just trying the model ingame when I made this. Not much of the model is shown in the pic so if anyone is curious about what the model looks like, here’s a model viewer screenshot.

Ps. His car is very very fast.


It’s like a silent comic.

Nice work
LBP is great

Last one is AWESOME , how did ya make the spy look so … realistic ?

The second TF2 picture is amazing.

How do everyone get the TF2 blood ingame?

Gah everything is so perfect in all of these, nice work!

Wait, how did you rip some of the sticker textures out of the game?

Yeah, LBP is awesome.

Thank you. I’m not sure what I did actually.

Thanks. =)

Download GCFScape and use it to open the team fortress 2 materials.gcf. Then look for the blood textures and extract and copy to Gmod.

I went to the LBP offical website and downloaded a bunch of avatars. Some of them were stickers so I cut them out and placed them on the helmet.

I love the pyro one.

Love em all

Perfect, your TF2 Screenshots always have a lot of polish in faceposing.

first one is awesome, love the motion blur
the rest is pretty good, but not as good as the first!

Now you’ve inspired me to do a Sackboy pose

The editing is stupendous.

Just a question. Did you use any sort of image editing program (Photoshop?) on the TF2 images? Because they look so damn lovely that VALVe would drop to their knees upon seeing it.

Why does the texan have to die…

Wow, all are pretty nice done, but i found out pyro’s head posing miserable failure. Altough these are neat.

Thank you, kind sir.

Yeah I did. I used photoshop to edit the images. =)

Oh, I don’t see it.

my new wallpaper;)