Sackdoll Ragdoll Dummy o_O

OK about a MILLION years ago I found this neat Player Model/Ragdoll of a …ragdoll/dummy.

It was like a Sackboy and had sticks for arms and legs. I have no idea what happened to it. And considering the VERY VAGUE wording on how to find something like that…well It’s been in possible to find.

It kinda looked like a Voodoo doll? It was Burlap textured and was really cool.

If you know of anything like that, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I think you’re talking about Sackboy from Littlebigplanet.

No no.

It’s the same shape as a normal human, except made of burlap, kind of like a scare crow?

the looked more like this

Is that the movie 9? Just look something like “9 ragdoll” or “nine ragdoll”