Sad Moments 11: To those we've lost...

A kinda tribute to fort whom is leaveing due to life stuff and the other gmodders that have left us over the years.

Right click > View image.

Oh and H.H.L. on the graves stands for Have a Happy Life.

You deserve every heart in the world Madman.


I’m gonna miss you fort.

I feel sad, because one day everyone has to leave :frown:

Wow, I rarely visit this forum but that made me sad.


Aye Lates mate. Had fun with ya on steam.

The comic tells me when you are gonna leave, I feel sad now.

Well, maybe he will come back?
I mean, I did!

Half of you don’t even remember me anyway, or don’t believe this is my alt…
Meh, forget it.
Have a heart, my friend.

Who were the people in the graveyard? I never heard of them.


Hey i joined the P skins thread in like, june this year give me a break.


Silver made some great comics, and his skin was, literally, a raptor.
Salty made some awesome Interactives back in the day.
And, last but not least, Elite.
Well, Elite, I never knew very good. And Archie came back, Mad. You haven’t seen some of his new posts?


Fair enough, they are just a mere handfull of the old greats that once roamed this land.

They were around years before the first personal skins thread was created, we didn’t need one in those days.

Uhh what?

Dios, soy un puto idiota!

It was the wrong guy.
Sorry for ruining everyones pleasure…
Hey, I don’t see MadMarines grave in there.

Of course his names in there somwhere, it’s an entire cemetry.

Jesus, I hope no one was grave robbin’ me while I was gone…
Feels creepy thinking that.

Edit- Wait, I think I just saw an open grave…