Sad sniper :(


The picture itself is good, yet I’d used a TF2 map for this.

TF2 maps suck, construct is the best!

With that attitude you will go nowhere.

Construct is really really un-recommended unless the pose actually relates to minges or whatever. It really doesn’t fit in with a TF2 pose.

That sniper really is attached to his piss. And I agree with G-Strogg. If you pose expect criticism. And yeah, don’t ever use construct unless directly important in the screenshot.

He’s not sad, he’s thinking!
Only thing I find disconforting in this picture was the lighting :S

Should have used a TF2 map.

Also don’t be a dick.

Who is that guy on the background?!

Probable Father Grigori and I was just thinking that!

It’s jesus

With that kind of attitude you’ll never use it and see it for what is it.

I like construct, something about it just makes something feel different.

No, flatgrass is where it’s at! :buddy:

Why gm_construct, why