Sad thread :( "You know what else I don't hate..."

Thread Music

“… you guys…”

Makes me sad :frowning:

Some hand clipping, but other than that it’s… Sad D:!

I like it :v:

Ok I liked it.

Defib unit here.

What did he die of

I bawwww’d.

And when Francis died, he thought to himself “Yeah, Zoey, use those defibrillators on those boobs. It helps me feel so much better about this… no, really…”.


Dammit I was going to post a sad l4d pic too! I’ll post it, anways nice pic, the facial expressions are pretty good.


Zoey gave him Aids :crying:

It seems to me like he’s dressed for a winter in, I don’t know, Los Angeles perhaps?

Oh I get it he was killed by gangrene from frostbite.

He was a good survivor… :frowning:

Goddamn Zoey and her Aids infested vagina. :crying: :patriot: R.I.P. Francis!

Now it takes real skill to make an emotionally effecting picture from a video game.
Ov3rkill… I salute you!
By the way I really can’t think of a better song for this.

Neither could I.

Now all I need is to make comics somehow…

Cool pic, plenty sad.

Though I was fully expecting;

"…You guys…

I still…hate Ayn Rand…"

Obviously not. or he would have survived.

Good bye Francis, People that knew you will love you forever and my god bless your soul and take you to heaven. In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirt amen. The GodFather makes me think of francis and well…The love tune one is pretty good


Clipping on Louis thumb. Other than that, this is pretty much perfect. Have some wood. What is Zoey holding?

God damn I love that peice of music

Posing is very good, although could do with a bit of editing I reckon
Nice to see something different (even if it is emotional bollocks)