Attempt two, after posting in the wrong section.

Excellent posing.

I think the word you are looking for is sadists, not sadistics.

Definitions of sadistic: Deriving pleasure or sexual gratification from inflicting pain on another.

yo cuz gimme dem cops

doze normals are makin me genitals rise if ya no wat i mean

That revolver is hideous. Nice posing.

Thx, you wouldn’t know where I could get a higher rex model pack of the HL2 weapons?

No. Do you have Larry_G’s weapons pack? It has some nice revolver models.

this weapon model should be banned

Can you give me that Metrocop skin? i used to have it but lost it.


For thosde who are going to keep posting “skin pl0x”

As I said before, Excellent pose.

Wrong, the one in the picture’s entirely different, the one you linked just has the similar eye motif. compare the armbands, i distinctly remember having the exact one in the picture, it was removed. so i request you reupload it vasili

Wait a minute…, that might be the Missing Information Metro Police.

Lemme check the sheet.

**Edit: **

It’s a mix of the two textures.

narp, the boots are definitely retail


Wow, No it’s not,

Ahahah, Wow.

Its the Fakefactory skin for metrocops.

Correct, but that is the adjective. The noun for a sadistic person is a sadist.

don’t kill me plz.

Please upload just the metrocop_sheet.vtf(I’m fine tuning my Metrocop now)