Deutsches Afrika Korps - 21th century version

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The placement of the gun and the cactus make it look like a cactus gun, which I am perfectly okay with.

Looking pretty great.
My only gripe is the ugly texture on the lower left side of the trench that grabs most of my attention. But it’s not your fault.

Also reeds at the bottom of the trench would be a sign that it was dug in to wetlands, diseases ahoy.

21st century, everything’s possible. :v:

Thanks Exo, very appreciated.
They were in desert stuff, so I just put 'em there.

21st century - a country using advanced armored warfare tactics since 1930s and rocket science is still using 100 years old rifles :v:

Old but gold. :v:

I like the original slightly more. Looks more deserty because of the yellow color.

great lighting

I like this.

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Cactus rocket launcher, i can totally envision that.

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