Safe for most important things and Feedback

Good morning,

I’m playing the game now the 3rd day and i really like it. But some things doesn’t fit, by all freedom.
The worlds in its current state is really very tiny for up to 250 people, you can’t run 500 Meters without runing into a bandit.
I managed yesterday to build a 2x2 house with a second floor, on a nearly empty server, when i came back today morning, the door was blown and all my stuff was gone, not even a hatched they left over, even the metal door of a neighbours house was missing.
Because of that, i want to request a safe, where you can put your most important things in, which can’t be stolen.
I really like the idea of comepletely freedom, but 50% (if not even more) of the gamers mean to play a bandit and that sucks, i don’t know how many times i started from the beginning.

I also don’t know whats planed in the future, but in its current state it’s not really fun.

Greetings Madlweister

If they make something that is unraidable the entire point of this game and PVP is ruined.
Maybe make a safe that takes 1 c4 to destroy.

That depends on what the point is for you. Im interested in crafting stuff and fighting Zombies.
I think the game isn’t just for Bamdit’s, or?

I can’t imagine that it is fun for anyone, to collect the whole day stuff, to be able to fight some Zombies and at the other morning you start again.

Well, ok, i thought about that, then the option, to dig a hole, where you can put in the most important things
Thats freedom too :stuck_out_tongue:

Today with c4 you are the king of the world, raiding home when people disconnected ! is that the game ?

how about a metal box lock like door ?