Safe loot locations and sneaky tactics for era of the ladder.

Underwater codelocked lockboxes in snow biomes, learn to love them.

You cannot ladder upto the satalite.

Honeycombed floors in your base with the lockboxes stored in them, you need to remember which section of the floor to remove to get the loot back out.

Other then this i have no other ideas on how to keep your loot safe in era of the ladder, in the past 5 hours on my server nearly every base got raided with the new ladders, rock bases hahaha… rip. Hangovers and lips, pffft, the c4 anihilates them just keep on climbing baby. You cannot glitch into rocks anymore, i tried to replicate the old trick for a good 25minutes, good.

Iceburgs if the have an incline that veers out rather then in cannot be climbed totaly with ladders.

Ladders make water bases laughable why even bother.

So from my playtime thus far, its build temporary housing dont invest much time, unless you are a big group/clan and will nearly always have someone online to defend from ladders.
Nobody can touch your underwater lockboxes, worst thing they can do is blow them up and only IF they get lucky.


Do you mean 1x1 buildings or wooden boxes? In lake, river or ocean? I am not sure how to put the cupboards in a room underwater.

I am on a 7x gather server. I could build a pretty big base in a few hours - I think it is 5 x 4. I have my best gear hidden in two chests under false floors that look like foundations (like you said). I think this is really safe. I have a ton of doors in the base with small rooms, and a few fake chests with decent loot in them. I can’t believe anyone getting in will ever tear up the floor looking for loot. So I feel pretty safe now. My base is just a big square and will take some C4 to search through. But everyone is going after the rock bases for now.

I do feel like hiding loot under fake floors is the best right now. Or possible making a base that looks abandoned, half finished and hiding loot in the floor.

People talked about how solo players have to spend so long gathering to make a big base. I think modded servers with 3x to 10x gather is the solution to this. I also am on a server with better loot drops and am really happy I can get good loot from barrels much faster than vanilla servers.

Caves, man. I got a nice base set up with lots of hidden storage. Gotta keep some loot out in the open.

In a cave, nobody knows the exact size, shape or layout of your base. I have one decoy hidden storage that takes box placement/ladder to access and the other is a huge area the game wouldn’t let me place stairs down to. So I put a sleeping bag, tool cabinate and a box to transfer stuff to and from this area. Only access is suicide to the sleeping bag in there.

I’ll have to make a video of it some time. Many doors. Quad airlock from front entrance and triple from top entrance.

Whomever raids me is going to be pissed about the 3k wood, metal and stone in the decoy loot room. Everything is armored.

Seems like overhangs offer little protection against ladders. They can stop a ladder - but if the player can get in the base on the first floor, then they can just build ladders inside to climb up.

I guess a honey-combed, metal base with overhangs prevents people from climbing to the roof of your base. But I actually want players to try to get in from the roof. There is nothing up on the higher floors.


could you guys please explain what you mean when you talk about honeycombed bases? :slight_smile:

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You basically put a wall or doorway everywhere you can so it basically looks like a honeycomb from above.If your base is large enough,you can even hide loot inside some rooms.

Raiders will have to use more C4/pickaxes to get to loot because everything will be isolated in its own 1x1x1 room with no way of knowing if the room is empty or has loot.

On ground floor, lots of small 1x1 rooms, with metal locked doors, so it is very hard to go through a base.

With the boxes i mean, large wooden storage box with a code lock, personally i have a base in the snow righton the water line, my loot is stored 10 feet offshore underwater, to get it i have to go in the freezing water quickly loot my stuff run back in get warm on a fire and eat. i nearly die everytime.

Nobody will be able to touch it.

Just so you know guys, chests in water are very easily visible by players with higher settings. There are settings where water is very translucent, so if YOU don’t see it doesn’t mean someone else won’t. It’s still an half descent strat depending on the location. Be weary of people seeing you get to it though.

I got several tricks to make my loot extremely safe from raiders for which ladders don’t change a thing. That said, I’m not willing to share them as some of these have never been posted on the forums AFAIK.

I will tell you this one though, on uneven terrain you can place a box under foundations or a fake foundation (ceiling) in a way that only a tiny bit is sticking out the floor, so small nobody would ever notice it. Takes several attempts to get it just right. I have one like that in my base, the part sticking out is about the size of half a cigarette. I can access that crate from the top and store stuff in it.

The same trick works through walls, so depending on location, you can exploit this “glitch” and make some pretty safe crates.

Combine this with a base that looks like it’s been raided, a fake loot room and bingo, 99.9999% raiders will be totally fooled.

Another trick I used is to hide crates in bushes. This doesn’t work as well as it used to, but depending on location again it can be viable for loot that’s not super important or as a temporary stash. Do keep in mind that bushes disappear after a certain distant while other objects do not, I’m not sure about crates in this context. Again, location can make this less or not a problem (with rocks around it for example, preventing from ever seeing it from a distance even if the bush vanishes).

Also good to note when starting out, you don’t freeze or die when in water and logged off. Feel free to take all your valuables, swim out in the sea and log right there at the bottom of the ocean. With a bit of food and medical, you can easily survive the swim back to shore when you log back in.

There are several other ways… use your brains people!!!

Indeed the codelock light is visible if your close enough but i run the game with max settings and in the ocean the code locks light dissapears around 12 feet away. They are also on the continental shelf slope so the second the chest is destroyed the loot slides away forever unreachable.