Safe single player base design

So it seems people are having trouble making good bases. I figured I would tell everyone how I make my base, and maybe it will help them to build there’s correctly, or at least a bit better.
Safe and cheap wooden house:
A basic house is best as a 3x1x10+
This means you’re going to have two doors per floor and three doors on the bottom floor.
The first and seconds floors should contain no loot because the second floor is accessible by wooden shelter and a storage box( and one c4 for the wall) The first floor takes one c4 as well.
The building would go: doorway, open room, doorway, open room, doorway, stairwell(first floor) All other floor would do stairwell, doorway, open room, doorway, stairwell.
This design would go up the entire building reversing direction to stack on top of each other.
Pillar Blocking:
I don’t know how many people know how to pillar block, but the goal is to make it impossible to build on the sides of your house by placing foundations all round your building.
These foundations you place around your building should have pillars on them, 2 high worth of pillars will generally protect you, but to be 100% secure you have to building the pillars to the height of your building.
Assuming it takes 2 c4 per door and 2 doors per floor… A house like this would take 40 c4 to get to the 10th floor loot room. Which at that point, any loot they get is not worth 40 c4. (at least I doubt it…)

Anyways, thanks for reading, I’ll probably post this as a guide if people seem to like it on here, good luck in rust and stay alive :slight_smile:
Also, on a side note, I’ll be streaming rust soon, probably by January 10th, I’ll also be streaming other games like the DayZ Standalone and League of Legends.

That gave me a couple of nice ideas, thank you for taking your time to help players in trouble.

In the games current state the only viable way to protect yourself is to build a 2x1x10+ high tower. I have my main door, then a doorway, then a staircase > doorway > staircase > doorway ect. I have 17 doors which would require a total of 50 c4 because the exterior door only requires 2 c4.

Obviously use metal doors and have replacement metal doors already crafted in your inventory and if you’re quick you can stand behind the door with your new door hovering over the position of the old one and as soon as the door is blown you place the new one. If you’re in while getting raided of course.

That’s just a dick move and completely unfair, not to mention an exploit at some level.

Smart way to do it!

If i were in troll-mode i would blast my way up 3 stories, then destroy all your stairs and put up ceilings… 7 stories of space between the world and your supplies :slight_smile:

im almost positive no one gives a damn what raiders think at this point , they already have it too easy since c4 is extremely easy to make if you have an organized group of people over the player count of 1

right now there are simply to many ways raiders can exploit the game for it to even matter , the aforementioned ceiling troll in particular proves that this game probably wasn’t even close to being ready for open alpha

How is it an exploit?

because there is ‘supposed’ to be a 5 minute timer on putting up new doors to prevent that exact thing from happening

Oh I didn’t know there was supposed to be a timer.

Towers with outter stair preventative measures seems to be the way to go, also its wise to hide your house.

I find that hiding small bases is better than making larger, well defended bases. My newest base is small yet untouched, so far.

i saw people living like tent city in about 100 little shacks in a hill. couldnt raid them to save ur life, wood doors take too long to hatchet and never worth a c4

Me and my friend built a 2 by 4 12 stories high, no one ever found it.

Pretty sure it is 3 minutes and all they have to is stand behind door and spam the material it is to repair it. They will never get in.

longest 3 minutes of my life!

this has been patched. u ahve to w8 some time to replace a door

While it doesn’t improve your safety much to have a 3x1 compared to a 2x1, i like the 3x1 better because you can fill the middle room with chests without having stairs in your face.