safest base ever in rust (guide)

just don’t build a base if you do not have one your base cannot be raided :dance: :quagmire:

I will put a ladder on your sleeper!

damn … now this is some groundbreaking shit this guy figured out here

zomg hacker!!! this will kill rust forevers!!!

Funny, because its actually very true…

Find a big rock in a area with low amount of traffic and a lot of trees. Jump on it and when your out of sight. Nobody will kill you because nobody finds you. Unless there just happens to be somebody who wants to build on that rock.

Sleep near the cliff sides in the snow area. Again … nobody will find you. And you can put furnaces and chest there on the cliff walls as they do not need foundations.

I had a sleeping bag with several campfires ( for loot ) on a rock, right next to a rad town. Well … nobody ever looted those campfires.

But lets go one step more:

Why even play the game? Resource gathering is for base builders. You do not build bases. You raid bases but those resources are mostly useless for you anyway. So why bother playing the game if you have no worldly possessions and have no need for them? Lets all become buddhist monks lol

Elevator bases builders crying a lot is what i see