Safest base in rust design

No point in building a large base anymore. Make 100 small ones and split up your loots.

Or just store most of it in one of them gambling your enemy wont see you go to “the one”.

Build a stone wall around it all so you can move to the ones you use freely without being watched.

You can even put all of the on pillars to make it even safer, will make it cost a bit more though.

You can also just make 1000 wooden ones instead of 100 armored ones. It is all up to you. I mean who would waste c4 on wooden structures, and who would want to chop down 1000 small houses?

Actually a good point.

That’s not the worst idea I’ve ever seen, but I’m not building 100 houses to make raiders’ work harder. That’s a poor reward-to-effort ratio.

It’s the best tactic with the addition of ladders… Or 10-20 small bases within one big structure. You’re even more vulnerable than before now :smiley:

So, make a town with a fence?

Making bases with hidden rooms is the new Meta.

We made one large tall base with stairs going all the way to the top,under some stairs we had storage containers and even hidden rooms,you had to go though 10 doors to get the to top floor which we kept half of our loot and some fake furnaces.We got raided once and they never even found one of the hidden rooms.The base was reinforces with honeycombs so it would seem as if the inside lower levels were empty.

Yeah, this is a lot easier to do than I think most people realize. I say that only because I hardly ever find hidden rooms when clipping through bases*. My favorite is fake foundations; since we can now have split-level foundations, it’s a lot easier to hide your tool cupboard. Just make sure you don’t need to access it…

  • And before anyone starts crying about “admin abuse”, this is on my server where I don’t play. I just kick trolls and call in the occasional airdrop; I don’t attack players or bases.

It depends on your base design. Most raiders will look at the layout of a base and notice if there are strange leveling going on. And you can not hide from a C4 blast exposing your hidden loot room access point.

Fake foundations work the best if your base is complicated. People get lost in the base and never find the room that way.

One base i had, the main sleeping / loot room was actually right at the edge outside. But it looked like a foundation ( stone foundation are not so easy to tell from stone walls. Armored foundations on the other hand are a death giveaway ). Raiders spend a long time breaking doors ( 100 doors with locks etc ). They got more & more confused and never found that room. But it was frankly more luck then anything. The damage they did on the other hand… dumped the base after that. No point repairing.

The bigger the bases and the more complex, the bigger the change to hide things. But it also works against you because it makes your own live difficult. And the moment your raided your base becomes worthless because the clan knows your internal layout. Its difficult to change a base design when you can not remove walls without blowing them up ( or spend 10 min hacking away ). Frankly, with cupboards in the game i do not understand why you can not remove walls anymore. If somebody gains access to your master cupboard and removes all your walls, its your own fault for not protecting it properly.