SAFEST BASE IN RUST??? - Tutorial (Animation)

The issue with a 2x1 design like this is that there is nothing stopping raiders from hatcheting the stairs down and ceiling the entrance to the next floor off, completely ruining the base and blocking you from reaching your stuff. There isn’t really any way to around this except to make a base 3x3 or wider and have multiple stairways leading up on each floor (or the first few floors at the very least). It uses a lot of wood, though. There really isn’t a good base design and there won’t be until there are more defensive items in the game; every base design is vulnerable to griefing or exploits (such as the barricade pillar climbing bug). There are better methods of building a base to deal with both raiders and griefers but they’re really expensive for solo and casual players to have a chance at building in a timely matter. Rust is a game where the unemployed prevail.
One easy thing you can do to protect your base a bit more: don’t just pillar the center of the surrounding foundations, pillar all sides of them as well. This makes it more difficult for people to climb up using the barricade exploit.

Ive built a 7x7 with 3 stairs in each level. It got griefed to the third level. Had to build ramps to get to the upper levels before they did it again. Placing where stairs existed in a base thats not yours needs to go. You want someone to leave you take their base not ruin half and leave the rest, thats pathetic.

Trying to build one of these “safest” bases is just troll bait for people that want to raid. All bases are raidable in one way or another.

#1, The way he has this you can just x-mas tree up to the top. #2, when it comes to hackers it doesn’t matter about not putting it at the top because most have esp it seems, so they know where your loot is anyway. not to mention that he only pillars one story up, they can just pillar the four corners of the cactus and build stairs up from there.

Metal bases - low and wide
Seeing as doors are easier to get through than standard walls, you make the doors lead in an extremely long and maze like path to your loot
Additionally we would put storage crates in every square of every floor, so that if a sneaky hacker decided to raid us his ESP will show that there is no single specific spot with crates in them

Metal base, 2x1 high in rocks is the best imo.

i will test it on my server

fyi i’d just build four pillars up on the sides of one of your side pillar foundations, then put stairs on top of it, then tribox to barricade onto the stairs, then just build up the side of your house and barricade over to the walls I wanted to blow.

If you pillar all the way up the foundations on the side without attaching them to the house itself, they’ll decay in a few days, so I’ll just wait until then. Then I’ll proceed with previous plan.

The safest bases are the ones where you find spots your can build within the rocks, to where all the usable space is taken up by foundations for your house. Then there’s no way to build up your house, they must start at the bottom (which, the bottom of your base may be on the floor, but the base itself shouldnt start until the lowest floor that is externally reachable by rock->tribox->barricade).