Safty for bases ?

I’m new to rust but have been playing it ok amount got bases going and gearing up but do to i aint abel to sit by a computer all day watching over my ‘‘home’’
Then im not abel to really get in to the game takes only a few min for a group of 5 to burst the way pass 7 metal walls and take over all that someone have been useing days to get done…

All in all if you dont got the time to put in to the game, then you got nothing to do with in rust…

I know non pvp servers etc etc btw where the hell is the fun in that… then there is Gmod or Minecraft …

Safety is hiding your base from plain sight and tons of metal doors.

Your base is always at risk of being raided - you just gotta make sure it’s not worth their while.

This basically nailed it. The bigger the building the more it will be attacked. Someone of the best survivors use a simple 1x1 metal house stashed in the mouontains or far from the road.

You know, you may actually have a point there. If you play solo-ish and you build somewhere within 5 mins of a resource spawn, you will undoubtedly get raided within a few hours of being logged off.

This game does not cater to solo players or those who don’t have hours of time per day at their disposal.

Me and a group of friends are doing this exact same thing. Except we are building a large tall base in the middle of an open field to attract people to kill. but keeping all the resources hidden in another location.

My buddies and I just built at the base of the huge mountain to the north. We never see players out in this direction and our multi-story houses full of metal doors are going to be a pain in the ass to raid.

Really, just have a few boxes in the bushes or hills, and lay down campfires at night/in the cold, maybe drop a temp shelter if you need security for a little while (it’s going to disappear in 8 hours!).

You’ll probably still die a lot until you get a posse.