SAIGA-12 for CS:S

Hello guys, I am currently compiling the SAIGA from BF3 to CS:S but does anyone know how to make it reload a mag instead of shell per shell?
Also is there a new version of the CS:S .qc ? Since my friend has told me some new things to put in my other qc which I have never heard of.
Thanks for reading and don’t mind the shitty grammar. :v:

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I think someone already ported it over to CS:S as a skin for the D.Eagle due to the behavior of the shotgun slots for CS:S. The shotgun slots for CS:S are pretty much forced to reload on a per shell basis, so there’s unfortunately no way to work around that.

ah, Mr Brightside animations with the Saiga from BF play4free, that model is hard to find ported to CSS (because of model rights, EA and stuff, he had to delete it…)
In CSS there are only 2 shotguns, which both have reload per shell basis, so, is not a good idea…
HOWEVER, you can make like a idle animations when holding the mag before the mag in, like the BF3 USAS12 port made by xplor3r (here)

My SAIGA is a fresh animation , an imitation of the BF3 one