Sailback fights a mech and chases someone

Descriptive title is descriptive.

Sailback is a custom Spinosaurus Zombie Skin I have been working on for a comic I wanted to do.

So, these are the screens. I was going for a dark night look. Reason why there is no people, is because I didn’t have any people who would fit in with the vehicles. And excuse the smoke and stuff in the pics, I am no good at smoke effects… SO rate, hate, complamate(complement, but it had to rhyme somehow)

Sailback on the Prowl.

Sailback on top of a mech

Sailback and some other not important dinos attack a mech and hover vehicle

one thing i’ve always thought of, how would a zombie dinosaur work out? You have an undead carnivore and generally zombie means it eats living flesh, so a zombie carnivore would essentially be the exact same thing as a living carnivore. An herbivore is a conundrum in it’s self. How would you have a zombie herbivore? you wouldn’t think that they’d eat flesh but living plants :confused:

and nice pics

Well it would work just like regular Zombies, they would eat the brains of their own species.
So theoretically, Zombie dinosaurs or anything else shouldn’t be much of a threat to humans.
But that’s besides the point, so: HOLY SHIT! ZOMBIE DINOSAUR!

About the shots, like the first and second one a lot. Posing is good but it’s a little dark.

thnx for comments :slight_smile:

requesting hexing tutorial so I can get this bad boy hexed. It is the Spinosaurus from the dinosaurs pack addon, if someone can hex the spino itself from the pack, with a zombie-ish name or something for its new model name, and send it to me for me to place the skin on it, it would be much appreciated