Sailor Moon models

I know this sounds absoluteley wierd coming from a guy like myself, and i know damn well that anime isn’t really a hot topic on this site, but i did enjoy the show when i was younger, and i find it dissapointing that it has no decent models to account for. and the ones i DID manage to find (i had to dig really deep in were actually terrible. therefore i hereby request that some good Sailor Moon models be made. ultimateley all i’d be expecting is the basics:

-eye posing
-face posing
-finger posing
-good quality

any other bits (body grouping, alt. skins, related props, etc.) i don’t really care about, that’d be the model maker’s call at that point.

Support!!! There is at least one sailor moon character in gmod, so far. So an extension would be a good idea

i know, but it had no eye/face/finger posing, which is why i’m pushing for better/more to be made.

Hmm. For CSS, Natalya made it (not all the Sailors). The bad is that they look from GoldSrc.

Didnt found any model on internet D:

here is a list of video games that did feature sailor moon.

wow…even for an anime of Sailor Moon’s reputation, that list is relativley small.

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my point exactly

oh no double post!

I’ll support. Wasn’t my most watched show on Toonami, but was still a great show.

But yea, unfortuentally the only one that I know of that’s out isn’t very good, so an update (And inclusion of the rest of the cast) would be great.

They had no eye/face posing because back in 2002 when they were made stuff like that wasn’t even a thought since they were originally made for Unreal Tournament 2003/4.

really? i never would have guessed.

Urgh facial animation counting among your “basic” requirements. Seriously? You do know that flex animation is by far the most time intensive and hard part of porting a model. Even compounded if the model in question doesn’t have the mesh set up for it.

i know full well that such things are hard. i tried it myself at one point. then my brain exploded. i’m just saying that IS something i look for in a model. i personally count it as an identifier that the model maker took the time and effort to run the whole gambit.