"Saint George and the Dragon" - a brave hero approaches a terrible beast

Original: http://i42.tinypic.com/2aihvu1.jpg
Comparison: http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/44961


That is one shiny sword.



Quite nice, and you know the things I said on steam chat already.

It’s an energy sword… or something.

The map is just some empty desert map. I think it’s called gm_dustbowl.

Pretty cool at first i thought he was shooting the dirt but it’s a shiny sword. Also if the dragon is roaring at him, you should have had spit and slobber from his his teeth and in the air a bit.

I was trying to do that but it was coming out really shitty.

That’s pretty fucking impressive.

Good grief. That is either one stupid hero or a very brave one. Sweet work.

So is it a gun or a sword?

Nice work.

Both! :science:

A modern hero fighting a medieval beast, looks pretty cool.

And that “hero” model, from where it is?

Reminds me of this

fucking epic. I could hear the dragon roar

nice. but that hero guy looks like shit. maybe use a different model.

Thanks guys!

It’s from a mod called Eternal Silence. One of the legs doesn’t bend at the knee and the hands and arms spaz out all the time, oh and the shaders are pretty crap. So… uh, I wouldn’t recommend it for posing unless you really specifically need it.

Oh the thing on his back is a respawn from BF2142.

actually the hero looks alright. that “respawn” thing on his back looks idiotic.

Nice lighting, nice posing but why is he shooting the ground?

Why does that energy sword have a trigger and a scope.

Long range stabbing?

It looks like a gun firing a blue muzzleflash at the ground. I really don’t like it. The rest looks good but it just looks like he is casually shooting the ground.