+Saint+ Productions

This is a thread for Saint Productions, its a movie making crew, where we’re all stoners, and the jokes are so far above your head, you gota smoke a bowl to get at eye level :smiley: I’m looking for a crew, heres the member list:

Director: Saint Kennedy

Film Crew:

  • Saint Kennedy

Voice Crews:
-Saint Kennedy

-Saint Kennedy

Amazing isn’t it?

If you wanna join, post a comment, and what you wanna be, and we’ll chat.

What makes you different from the 70 other machinima groups, other than the fact you get stoned a lot.

Also, show some of your stuff you made, otherwise the people wont join.

Smoke a FAT blunt BRO. I seriously do not think anyone here for the most part smokes the wacky tabackee. I dont and i probably wont till collage. Go on the drug section if you wana get some people in your machinima group who SMOKE FAT BLUNTS.

BTW lady gaga is a dude

im trying to do that, but my comps having technical difficulties


where did that come from? and i know


im sober 10% of the time. and various other things that are kinda personal, ill give you a hint for 1, it starts with an s and rhymes with bitchophrenia


and i like ur restraint, i started when i was 10, lol, but u sound like a stoner

IS it hard to upload a video or link one?
your not going to make a good movie stoned, maybe right a good movie stoned…
The only group that ive seen posted in this section for help that WILL make it or has a chance is the flaming spade AKA coolguysforteens group.

Damn straight.