Saints Row IV Pack

i made a similar thread to this way back when i first signed up almost, i was planning to release a Saints Row IV pack for Gmod, i had nearly every model except for “The Boss” the default protagonist, after so much frustration and countless attempts i FINALLY managed to get it in some form at least, i just have no idea what’s wrong with his textures, his face i can see possibly needs UV fixes, but his suit i have no idea, it’s not even the right colors, i could make a custom body because it’s a basic suit, but i need to somehow fix his face, and i can do this for ANY created player if any have requests, but i would need help with this first, then i would just need to make a few more ports to gmod (i know i was supposed to be porting other models i said i would do for others, i apologize i haven’t gotten to them yet like i said)

Model Normally

When Applying Textures


Just letting you know, your images seem to be broken. You might want to re-upload them to another site so that we can see the problem.

are they showing up now?

Yep, they’re showing now.

From a quick glance and without knowing too much about what engine the game runs on, the suit on the body looks like it might use a color coordination system to apply the texture colors via shaders (Red applies to one color, Blue to another, etc.). Unfortunately, that means you’d have to color the suit in manually. It also looks like it may have some UV map issues as well.

all i’ve been trying to fix first is his face, but can’t, i sent it to 1 other person that fixed some UV issues on models i’ve had before and he couldn’t get it to go on correctly either, Starfox Adventures and Jett Rocket have similar UV issues when ripped with 3D Ripper DX, not much games do that with that program but apparently a select few