Saints Row IV Player Characters Textures

is there anyway to extract/rip textures from my created character in Saints Row IV or the Inauguration Station?, not models just textures.

Assuming it still works (which is a longshot considering that the very few people who have ripped from that game managed to even do so in the first place), you might be able to use Ninja Ripper to nab the textures. They’ll need a bit of tweaking, but it’s better than nothing.

even though i have no modeling experience, i was gonna say to use ninja ripper, what a coinky dink lol

i’ve already tried 3D Ripper DX, NinjaRipper, 3DVIA Printscreen, and GameAssassin nothing, those are already the 1st things i try on everything, no luck

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i can extract textures and models from Saints Row IV but only NPC’s because the default character has no files in the games data with all the other models because he’s customizable, no one can figure out how to get them as models yet, i was wondering about Textures

There should be ways to extract all the textures without ripping. I’m not 100% sure on this, you might try, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen texture mods on there, so you’ve got to be able to get at them.

i asked about this first on there, got no replies

okay, got some of the textures by putting NinjaRipper in d3d11 wrapper, and i think i know the problem why it won’t rip his model but 3D Ripper would most likely if it had DirectX 11 support, NinjaRipper usually rips the base model, where the models come out T Posed, this character doesn’t have base model, he’s somehow made of meshes rendered in game, i don’t know exactly how they handle the created characters, but no one has really figured out a way for models yet, i’m almost positive 3D Ripper would if there was 1 with D3D11 support (as it dumps the entire scene instead)

i managed to actually rip the model and textures of my custom character, he will import in blender, but not in 3ds max, that doesn’t even make any sense to me, it says “vertex coordinance too big, adjust object scale” doing that all the way down says it’s still too big, Blender it imports fine, i don’t know how to apply textures to him, and putting it in texture mode in blender the UV maps looked messed up anyways so there’s no point cause i don’t know how to fix that ether, plus he’s like 5 or 6 different models for each portion of his face, like 5 eyes, 5 ears, 5 hair, 5 heads, 5 noses etc, i have no idea how to fix all this in the slightest lol