Saints Row: Mission X

This is a new map coming out for a garrysmod campaign with objectives and a story line and a counter strike source deathmatch map. This is only the outside and i still need to fix the helipad to make it more like the actual saints row and of course there will be water in the pool! There will be the whole inside of the hq including every room in the game. The idea behind the campaign for garrysmod is the zombie infection spread from arapice island to the whole city of steelport, including the saints hq. Your objective is to find a cure to this and fight your way through hordes of zombies and the military.

Be a saint like no other.

for more information on this release please visit:

So… No download? It’s not done? Why is this in the Release section if there is no release?

shit! WRONG SECTION just ignore it

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Guys sorry i have a weird habbit of putting threads in the wrong place. ill redo it in the right place

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there that should be right! haha sorry once again ik this annoys you guys