Saints Row: Mission X

This is a new map coming out for a garrysmod campaign with objectives and a story line and a counter strike source deathmatch map. This is only the outside and i still need to fix the helipad to make it more like the actual saints row and of course there will be water in the pool! There will be the whole inside of the hq including every room in the game. The idea behind the campaign for garrysmod is the zombie infection spread from arapice island to the whole city of steelport, including the saints hq. Your objective is to find a cure to this and fight your way through hordes of zombies and the military.

Be a saint like no other.

for more information on this release please visit:

Yes this not even close to being done but i thought i’d share what i have so far and could take some suggestions! Anything you would wanna see in the campaign or goals or anything just post below!

I will be working a lot on it today so their will be new screenshots plus the video later

Needs a 3d skybox.

If you’re going to recreate the whole city of Steelport in Valve’s Hammer Editor, tough luck. The whole grid can’t fit the entire city in full scale

no its not going to be the whole city im gonna split it up into different maps and yes there is going to be a 3d skybox its just like a rough

any suggestions or anything?

Is this one of your first maps? If so, I would definitely suggest thinking of doing something smaller. Making an entire city the size of SR:3 (AFAIK) has almost never been accomplished by anyone. I’d suggest starting with all around smaller areas so you can get lighting, detail, optimization and brushwork in place before starting something like this.

its not

learn to read, he just said this is a map from a whole series of maps and this one is of the saints crib from sr3.

hahaha thank you! i mean i think it looks ok for like a rough thing. trust me itll be way better when its done

You need to work on your lighting, and some custom texturing would be great.

different textures would be cool. some clean ones to be exact. half-life’s textures don’t really match with some of the modern day things.

yea ik I already made some modern day textures but remember that this is during the zombie infection so not everythings going to be perfect