Saints Row: The Thrid - S.T.A.G VTOL, Condor, and Specter

I would be very grateful if someone can make these vehicles and upload them on as adv dupes. It would be preferable if you only use PHX for the models.
Here are some images to use as reference if you don’t have the game:




I would do it myself, but I am utterly terrible at making things, something always goes wrong when I try.

Oh my god, you made me get excited and I click this thread just to see a request?

I hate you.

i agree, these would be awsome

i think you deserve to be disappointed for completely ignoring the REQUEST tag

1.Request forums

I would love these but absolutely not as a adv. dupe as said as request

Ooh! yes please. I’ve been wanting these for a while. Well at least the chopper and the bike.

Totally lost any interest at that point…

If you ported the models it might be possible to put them on WAC or NeuroPlane’s code

If someone ported the models from SRTT, I wouldn’t be able to use it on other servers unless the server owner has downloaded the models.