Sakarias has nealy half the front page

8 out of 20 nice going

alright cool



The very bottom one looked like “americas” or something. =_=

Facepunch endorses bad math! I do remember at one point the entire thing full up with Kermites Sweps Packs.

Download spamming by a bot?


Okay, rate me bad eyesight.

Yet the only useful addon that he has made so far is RagMorph

He’s a badass motherfucker.
He earned that.

Meh, that’s a matter of opinion. In my opinion, pretty much every addon there is at least fun, if not particularly useful.

It’s just recent popular downloads. I wish I had the determination to make more releases like he does.

Man up and do it, greasy.

This. There shall be an epic fight of who shall claim G-Olympos’ LUA-Throne.

I don’t like where this is going… :ohdear:

It’s turning into the greatest fight ever to be. The whole world will be destroyed by the awesomeness of this clash. I wish you the best of luck, grease. You’re going to need it.

I’m confused. What just happened?

Sakarias got famous from Lua coding.
You wished that you had the determination to make more releases like he does.
I overreacted.

He’s always been fairly famous in my book.

Well he has, but he got even more famous now thanks to all of those frontpage links.

Do it, My greasey friend…you must! Crush Sakarias, and the world shall be yours! Well, at least the small portion not ruled by me…Lua coder and moderator you may be, but you are still only human. :xd: Only joking. Well, not about the bit about me.

he\she makes great addons

Remove the comma and rate me optimistic. :3: