Hi everyone. I know it may be to soon to ask for this, even is asking to much, but I really would like to play the Rust, and I only have $5 left in Steam. If I have easy access to Steam cards, I would go and buy one right now,but I don’t, you see I live in Malaysia not in the USA, and also my father is one of those “is to dangerous to use credit cards online or any money transaction” type of dad so I cant use credit card. So please please please, don’t take to much time in launching a sale in Steam. Thanks!!!

Thing is Sales are only if steam oproves

OK. Then I would like to ask to the people in Facepunch to at least try, It doesn’t matter is Steam doesn’t approve it, just try. Of course if is not asking to much.

P.S: Thanks for the reply.

It just got released a couple says ago, it probably won’t be on sale for a long time, just letting you know.

Thanks Jonnymad. This is the first time I go to a forum (I usually a really patient man, and I still am) is just that I really like all the videos that I watch in the Internet, and I am really curious about playing rust. So I actually posted this thread with the pure intention of trying. That’s all just wanted to try. But thank you.

Look on the brightside, when yoy get a chance to purchase it,it’ll be more polished :smile:

That is absolutely rigth.