Salt Lake City 1 problems

I have been playing on this particular server for over a month and halve and short of some lag I have had no problems till today.
Upon logging in and entering game, I see I am asleep on ground
With in a second I am booted from game.
No errors, no warnings, nothing.

I can go to other servers; Official, non-official and other facepunch servers and run the game with no problem. Its just this main server that I have devoted most of my time too I can not. I don’t have hacks (we all say that, but I don’t and we all say that too, but I don’t - so being kicked or ban I don’t see that).

I have ran rust on Salt Lake City small, and also Salt Lake City 2 after the issues started on my main server this morning just too see if I could… to which I can.

What has changed on that particular server today? As of last night everything was alright.