Salty kicks a bucket a reasonable distance, then takes a sip of an unknown beverage.

I have no clue.

Cool kids right click and view the image.

I suppose you can consider me back again, sort of.

That is, if anybody remembers me :v:

So that’s how the interactive comic ends, you just kick the bucket off?

If you know what i’m talking about.

I don’t get it.

Sure, why not v:v:v

I don’t see any reason in attempting to start the series again a 3rd time :byodood:

It’s more of a thing that 2006-2007 members will get.

oh damn :saddowns:

Random madness is the best description I can come up with. I laughed pretty good.

Well why not! I loved that comic.

Dooo Eeet, Salty.


What a thrilling conclusion to the SIAB story, Salty!

But interactives are a no-no nowadays, are they not?

By the way, I hid a little something in this because I’m such a wacky individual. If you find it I’ll give you a pat on the head.

There’s a T_Leet and a metrocop on the bridge in panel 4 :3:

And interactive comics are alright as long as they’re done well and are funny. People don’t like them when they’re half-assed and trying really hard to be funny.

I used to read your comics back when i just lurked on my other account, i don’t think anyone would complain if you DID continue.

I guess this is maybe the end of the bucket series huh.

Damn you’re fast.

Alright, maybe I’ll give it another shot. I made this in magnificent microsoft paint though so don’t expect anything flashy and colorful.

This some ancient shit, and that’s a decent enough ending I suppose

i had a feeling you’d be coming back to the comic section soon.

Stuck In A Bucket was amazing. The sequel too.

…Damn, I feel retarded.
You made some random bystander help you get the bucket off. No Dice.
You went around doing random shit to get the bucket off. No Dice.
You blew a BOMB up to get the god damn bucket off. No Dice.
You go through a crazy adventure, with the whole plot circulating the fact you need that bucket off.
And yet…One simple kick of the foot, and it comes off?
Did it get rained on a little too hard or something and rusted?

Anyways, glad to see your back, Salty. Loved your interactives, but, I guess we won’t see those anymore.
Welph, my job here is done.
Makes a anti-climatic exit through the floor

Let’s not jump to conclusions here.

now to make an interactive comic about you possibly making one.