Salvage System


Yes I did check if there was any other thread (as shown in the FAQ) about this topic and the answer is no.

So I think that salvage system for that kind of a game seems to be indubitably unavoidable :slight_smile:

Would be nice if a dev could at least tell us if it lies within the future of the game.

And if he could tell wether or no it is soonish that would be even better.

So you guys, what do you think about salvage?

Personnaly have shtload of weapons that i would like to recycle :confused:

Please do try to elaborate.


pretty sure this was mentioned in the past few days somewhere. it’s a good idea, being able to throw unwanted weapons into a furnace for fragments and being able to dismantle almost fully decayed objects with a certain tool (limited use) and receive a small amount of resources from that salvaged object.

Thanks for your answer and apologies for reposting, but it is still a good thing and a opportunity to get an “answer” from devs.


Yea I actually did post this 2 days ago and got a lot of likes. But glad you had the idea too. I’m really hoping it does get added

They already have the idea. While back you could get the “Recyle Kit” but it only functioned like a research kit. But i think they got it in their minds.