Salvage: The Post-Apocalyptic Diving Game

**Formerly known as Waterworld, or Waterworld: Salvage, Salvage is an in-production gamemode based on a water-blanketed Earth, and the remnants of forlorn generations hunting down the treasures of a lost civilization. **

Players team up to build boats and submarines, and search the ocean floor for treasure and relics from the sunken 20th century. With the money earned, players will purchase machine guns, cannons, and torpedoes to fight off competing vessels.

The gamemode is well under way, with a map in progress, and much of the code written. However, my coder seems to have gone AWOL recently, and we are in need of someone experienced in LUA, making Scripted Entities, etc to take his place, provide input, and help to build up the game.

Nice idea;)

***Gameplay Elements


"Salvage" - something extracted (as from rubbish) as valuable or useful - What the gamemode is named for.

So, the unique setting of this game, a flooded apocalyptic world a nearly a century in the future- opens many possibilities for gameplay aside from combat. In the ruined city below, many sunken treasures await. Props, and items of value will be hidden in the remains of buildings, randomly scattered throughout the map. On the lower scale of value will be small items, which the player can carry 5 of, without the use of advanced collection devices. These treasures include props such as ‘‘rare busts’’ or ‘collectibles’, as well as ‘‘intact clocks’’ and other ‘useful’ items. Useful items will always fetch a price of $20-$50, varying randomly.
On the other hand, there are collectibles, like statues, busts, and other lost treasures that might be seeked out by private collectors with specific interests. Prices randomize much more drastically, from a development standpoint, the price is random, anywhere from $5 to $200. From a story standpoint, when the player sells the prop it might be bought for a high price by a buyer looking for it, or a low price as crap.

The third Item type will be left for future updates, remaining for the time being in the conceptual stage, being called “cursed items”. Things like photographs, dolls, body parts, or other personal items. While not displaying any inherent value to the person finding it, if collected they will provide no money, but instead cause strange things to happen. The curse effects will either be instant, or last between 30 seconds to three minutes. Some effects: upon selling or collecting, a childs giggle may be heard. A ghost may show himself soon after(will go into details later). Vision gains motion blur, and becomes distorted. Choking sound effects play. However much o2 you have halves or empties almost completely. Upon selling, health depletion to zero. Sudden “jump scare” style sounds at random times up to three minutes from collection. Other creepy shit.
Other shop things
healing item - something that heals/adds on 30HP per use, maximum one in inventory, maximum 125%HP at any time, and costs $100

Liquor - grants certain trade-off abilities based of the quantity you drink, for example, your singing gets awesome, but you lose the ability to type out gameplay outlines.
Vodka - health increases 15% on top of any previous modifiers, motion blur increases a LOT.
Whiskey - Damage dealt increases 10% motion blur increases a little bit, and weapons are more inaccurate.

Weapons will be a one-time purchase, and can be named, to differentiate from one another. You buy a machine gun or cannon, mount it to your vehicle, and duplicate it without paying each time it is spawned. In the merchant’s menu, if you purchase one machine gun, you will only be able to spawn one machine gun. However, you will be able to buy more than one, 4 machine guns maximum. If I have two machine guns purchased, then i can have two guns mounted on my boat to be used, although, they won’t function until buying ammunition.
[to be cont’d]

Guns start out with a somewhat low rate of fire, low damage, and very basic design. Going with the previous example, I have two machine guns purchased. For a (considerable) price, I can upgrade one gun to fire 20% faster, with a “rate of fire upgrade”. On the other gun, I can upgrade the damage, to do an extra 8% damage per shot. The last upgrade I can consider is the accuracy upgrade, which makes the bullet spread a bit lower, making it more effective at longer ranges. Also, all upgrades give the weapon’s model a slightly new appearance(same new model for all upgrades).
[all numbers subject to change.]

Upgraded oxygen tanks to attach to vehicles, bigger/better engines, etc.
{Will be updated later.}
Certain Sweps will also be availible through the shop.
(Gun types are subject to change, but all can be found in “siminovs WWII sweps”, which can be found on the workshop, and needs to be implemented, at a later time.
Keeping with the theme of the gamemode, personal battles will be a minor part of gameplay, all Sweps will have serious defeciencies to prevent this from becoming “counter-strike: with boats n shit”, although the browning machine gun will have a strategic importance, being practically useless when hipfired, but lethal when deployed. That way, a crewmember can mount his browning on some part of a boat, and use it against other ships.

I love the concept, i could do design for this gamemode if you want, normally i do for money but i’ll do it free in this case :slight_smile:

run op

Design of what? I do all the graphic design/photoshop stuff.

Looks awesome, I’d be glad to help in anyway that i can!

Looks awesome! I’m really looking forward to the full realization of this gamemode. I’m not really good at coding/mapping/making models or any shit that could help you, but hopefully you’ll be able to get a good group of people to help you work on this. If at any point in time you need testers, PM me I guess.

By the way, don’t let the dumb ratings get to you. It’s easier to rate someone than prove you have a legitimate opinion.

That’s the head of a Cremator from the HL2 beta.