Sam and Max

If you’ve heard of Telltale Games, you’ll definitely know about Sam and Max; one’s a giant crime-solving dog, the other’s a crazy rabbit sidekick, both star as the Freelance Police (Mobile Division) in a series of wacky point-and-click adventure games, the latest of which, The Devil’s Playhouse, is currently on an episodic release cycle. The first of this season’s episodes was promoted via Steam, where you’d get a promotional hat and two weapon reskins for Team Fortress 2 upon purchasing the first installment of the season via Steam. (the offer was later extended to other Telltale Games products)

Anyway, y’all probably know about it, some of you’ve probably already bought it, but there’s one thing that hasn’t been done yet. The models of the game have yet to be ported into Garry’s Mod, Sam and Max in particular. If anyone owns the game, and possesses model extraction and format translation tools, it would be a great service to the community to get the models into Source engine format, and ragdoll the character models if possible.

And if possible, try ripping the maps as well. Hell, they could be pretty useful.

Just a friendly request, not too unreasonable.