Sam Fisher attempts to assassinate Stephen Colbert.

After seeing Postal Dude 9/11’s images, I thought, “I’d rather see that end the other way around!”
And for anyone else thinking that, (though I doubt anyone was) now you can!

I am fully aware that there is no anti aliasing whatsoever, but to have Gmod running at 1280x1024 resolution and have it on doesn’t mix well on this 5 year old computer.

Alright that’s about it from me for now, go nuts folks*.

*Criticism wise that is.

Aye. Stephen wins again. Love his show. Stephen face is a bit bright, but it looks pretty neat otherwise.
I like how the bullet goes through his tie. Have art.


Sorry. Looks pretty good, blood seems a tad bright, but other then that, good work.

Have an ART SIR!

NOOOOO!!! Now I’ll have to play the level again from the checkpoint to this!

Muzzle flash from a silencer?
One that is that big? :confused:


And I suppose the blood is a bit bright, We could just say it’s illuminated by a studio light. (I’m too lazy to edit)

Thats no silencer boy, its the tip of the gun.

No he’s right. If that’s indeed the Five Seven that came with the Sam Fisher ragdoll, that little tip is actually the silencer (according to the SC:C at least)

Actually I was thinking about it, but that shouldn’t silence the gun. The USP in Half-Life 2 has one and it’s mainly just for toning down the muzzle flash if I’m correct and not doing much for noise.

Actually I have no fucking clue what it does but it doesn’t make any sense either way.

It’s a compensator, it reduces the muzzleflash and it puts more weight twords the front of the gun for more accuracy, usually used by competition shooters.

Well, now that I know I can refrain from making the mistake of putting in a large muzzle flash the next time I use that type of gun.

And it only took a whole thread.