Sam Fisher Hack (SC: Conviction)

see here

Holy shit awesome work!

filefront please !!! :slight_smile:

^No you smelly pirate!

Damn, I wished it was faceposable, but still nice work.

This model. . . . . it’s sexy very sexy

Looks awesomeeeee

Hunter’s is bad. :v:

Amazing mod, I’m glad to have helped.

Not in this web smells of pirate burned… Ô_o!

Are you sure this is a hack? Its too good to be a hack I mean look it looks like a goddamn model made from scratch. GOOD WORK DUDE

It’s mostly a hack, but I modeled some parts.

Left 4 Dead 2 Infected shirt, pants, added model part to the shirt, head’s from Silent Hill, model’d from scratch backpack, goggles from a Splinter Cell game, Ellis arms from L4D2 (mine).

Overall, very very good job. Great re-make.

This model is very awesome!

PlayerModel PLOX


NVM ill do it my self

Id upload it if your okay with it
(While me giving credit)

Very nice end result.


Awesome work, just downloaded it, but where can I get the cleaner guys?


Thanks, it’s been years ago that I played Kane & Lynch. Completely forgot they are out of the game.

Bag doesn’t show and it’s already released for north america.

What do you mean it doesn’t show? And as of today, yeah, but when I posted this thread it wasn’t released for PC.

Looks nice. Probably even better than what Ubi did.