Sam Fisher (Old Splinter Cell Conviction model)

Can anyone pass me the old model of Sam Fisher with the Alex Shepherd’s face (I think, anyway this is a old version of this model xD)?
Thanks :wink:

P.S I have done this post 2 times and i wrong 2 times the sections xD

Up, please

If you mean the hobo Fisher in the old alpha shots, then there’s probably no way to get it.

Unless of course it’s hidden in the game’s files somewhere.

He’s talking about this shitty hack I did before Conviction was released.

I don’t have it anymore. I’m sure somebody does, but I don’t.

I have see your screen and this is the model that I’m looking

Probably not the exact same you are looking for, but here’s something:

I already have the model that you have linked to me, but it isn’t the model that I’m looking :frowning:
Does anyone have it?

I downloaded it a few years ago but I lost it while moving to a new Operating system Ill go looking for it

I hope you find it
thanks :slight_smile: