Sam fisher Pose

Okay well here is a sam fisher pose So tell what u think Like whats wrong and what i should fix

Here is V2 Once again do give Me feed back plz

#1 Don’t use default CSS models as a general rule.
#2 Use the new Sam Fisher, not the hack

alright Uhmm but just so u know I dint even know there was a new one but thanks Ill make a new picture

using default css isn’t bad, unless you use it in a bad way…

camera angle could use work, so does the posing, also try to get an angle that doesn’t show the lamp (which btw, you can make invisible)
good try

I like how the environment looks like it’s from Conviction.

man stop being such a downer

Its okay I actually looking for people that say things like that it helps me become Better :smiley:

is it me or everything is over bumpmapped?

Well the only thing I did was make it darker on some areas but I dont see whats your talking about

Not bad, but the posing could be better.


Mainly on Sam.

Cs models are awesome, you can get master pieces from them.
There is nothing wrong with the sam model.
Now the posing is not stiff but wierd.

On which one cause I put two up the first one or the second one

These ain’t half-bad.

Posing (on everyone but the T, his arm seems a bit off. If you want to over-bend limbs, easy weld a can to the limb, rotate it as you like and then make it transparent.

Lightning. It doesn’t really look good at all. It’s too over-saturated and it makes everyone look super pale. If you have edited it, PM me the original, I want to have a go at it. If not, remake it, and don’t overlight.


You really think so? I think the posing looks great!

I gave it a second look. I think the top picture’s posing is better than the second, but I like the group chat the second one has but I think Sam’s posing in the second one is a little bit off.

Okay I dont see what You mean but tell me what do you think I should fix and Ill try to fix it

I mean I think its fine but then again A person most of the time always think it looks fine

Nice posing on Sam.