Sam Fisher shooting a guard

Funky-ass-editing but I hate Sam Fisher so I dont really like the picture.
Try to dodge and burn your stuff so it looks more realistic.

Will do :buddy:

Looks good.

Looks good, but I don’t like the motion blurring a great deal.

The motion blur looks pretty bad, and I see jpeg compression especially around where the glow is. Clipping with the robber’s hand and Sam’s foot, other than that posing is pretty good, but the camera angle just looks boring.

I like the lighting and the posing.

Err, sorry, but where do you get this model? I mean, Sam’s one.
On the topic: Everything’s awesome, but you could edit the glow from his glasses, that would be badass.

It looks as if you made the goggles’ green glow from MS Paint.

Model’s fault, not mine.

But you could edit that :smug:
Yet again, would you kindly tell me where did you get the model of Sam?

Henry Townshend.


I didn’t want to make a release for it because I plan on someone getting the actual Sam from the actual Conviction so you guys don’t have to use the silly hack I have right now. Sonar goggles are bodygroups.

Oh and Hunter, I think you should have put a glow around the goggles or something like what Mr. Rus said.