Sam Fisher Shooting People and Shit

mehhh :stuck_out_tongue:

quick pose and edit cus i was bored… (mainly to test out the new photoshop content-aware thing)
C&C i guess

Cool edit.

Not bad, but he’s holding the SC3000 kinda weirdly.

yeah, this picture wasn’t intentional, i was just playing around with the model and was like, w/e i’ll make this into a screenshot and added the muzzle and such


50 cal bullets bitch! :v:

de_train? Pretty pic

That edit’s pretty good, but yeah the SC3000 is in a slightly awkward position.

nice edit

I like how the background also corresponds with Splinter Cell Conviction. It looks like he’s outside the White Box facilities.

I was trying to make him look badass and in the process of just stealing the gun and equipping it to his back

Everything is excessive

I like it.

The muzzle is kinda too saturated compared to the rest of the pic.
I like the shading.

well, i made the muzzle really saturated because i like a lot of colors in my pic rather than just some boring grayscale shit