Sam Fisher (Splinter cell 1)

Hey guys i managed to import the .dff of sam from san andreas remove the helpers, and smooth his model out. may one of you rig him to the hl2 skeleton? (the zip contains his textures to.)

splinter cell 1 is supported by Umodel, you could have ripped all the characters rigged with that, not just sam,2#scell(shows (shows screenshots of models)

well i got his model from san andreas i don’t actually have the game

What files from the game do you need? I happen to have bought all the Splinter cells available on steam during Tom Clancy day on ubisoft week


Maybe I’ll get umodel and do my first porting

heh that would be pretty cool most of the characters from splinter cell. is there also any extractable sound effects from the first splinter cell? it would be cool to have the weapon sounds and voices

It has to be possible, considering the sounds are in the game. If they can run in the game it must be able to get out of it too.

There’s been some sound clips on youtube videos so it must be. I’ll dig around folders of the first splinter cell and say something if I find anything

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Found .bik - cutscenes obviously
Sounds folder has .uax, .ls0, .ss0
Textures, .utx
Animations, ukx
lipsync, .lbp, with an int folder filled with .bin’s
Staticmeshes holds USX.
Maps have .scl

I know nothing of model types for this game so Im gonna go off and guess USX is the models.

Here’s what the main SC folder looks like

Not sure if that’s the full version of it’s files.

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Probably unimportant, aren’t those files that just direct to the folder?

They have size so I’m not sure

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I looked inside and it looks like it’s just a list of the games files.

I did notice an SM0 file type from looking though.

And strangely, a file named XboxLive.uax

I dont remember the first splinter cell having XBL.

i see, well its pretty nice that the games files are organized, all the folders like animations,sounds,textures, so it should be easy to navigate threw them. and the .ukx is the model format that UE Viewer can use so if you managed to get any type of .ukx its a splinter cell model file.

Problem here is I don’t know which ones the model’s.

If I am to port anything from these files, I’d need advice and help.

Plasmid probably knows what to do. So what I need to know is:

-Where to get umodel
-What all these file types are (Are they unreal file types? first time porting)
-Which file types I need and what they will open in
-If it’s really as simple as downloading umodel and compiling, or do I need to put a skeleton and/or something else that requires a lot of effort that I wouldn’t know where to start with

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Fuck my reading, thanks

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Sounds odd, why would animations be the location of the models?

idk but as long as you can see the ,ukx format you found em :smiley: also np

If what you say is true, then what the hell are these

File names aren’t giving hints.

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Oh each one starts with E.

I see where Sam is!

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So, about UE viewer. Is that in steam or on a website and is it free

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Models are still hard to figure out what is what.

I want to find Lambert’s model for some reason

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I got off my lazy fingers and googled about UE viewer.

Freeware, alright.

I’ll see if its on steam but this will take a bit considering I’m in a car running off verizon mifi internet.

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I have unreal development kit but not UE viewer, less that kit is part of it I’m gonna keep seeking UE viewer off steam

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Website provided by wikiped is in Russian, ffffff

its a cmd prompt program so youll need some experience in using that, im pretty sure umodel or UE viewer as its called now, has a lot of tutorials
has nothing to do with steam, you dont need unreal kit, you just need the psk import for 3ds max, which is proivded on that site
ukx is the format it looks like to me

I downloaded the win32 one from that site and nothing else yet so.

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I guess I can’t directly open umodel, can I? It just has command prompt come up for 0.5 seconds and disappear

Open with work? Gonna find out

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This is what the ESam gave me

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Gonna start with Lambert since there hasn’t been a Lambert model as far as I know.

So, walk me through this if you can, I probably won’t figure it out myself.

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I see 2 3ds Max downloads. Need both, or which?

sorry i was away from awhile i was doing stuff, and also thats awesome how you managed to get sam like that :smiley: