Sam fisher Vs Hack fisher

Sam Vs Other more serious looking Sam I mean Hack sam. so What I want you guys to do is post your Sam Vs Hack sam picture. they can be serious,funny even crappy Picture. so lets se what you can make.

Also If you din’t understand a thing I just said its okay cause its possible that I din’t iether

This first one I dont like Probably cause I dint care anout that much

This second One is much better and I kinda like how it turned out

the third one I liked the most Aside the Source blood but im no good at editing so yeah

Your posing’s pretty good!

Why thank you comments like those make wanna give people cookies Or cake cause you know them cakes there the shit when there not a lie

Bubz Mind:“Hmm… so if I make a comment like that guy above, I get free cookies or cake because I do know them cakes are the shit.”

Your posing is good!

Is that the truth or are you lieing to me like Glados and my mom did

The posing is OK but sucks in the second picture.
Your camera angles however are pretty good for a beginner.

Awesome I got a tip and thanks on the camera angle compliment

Note to self learn how to pose people getting choked

Some Im guessing no one wants to show me any Sam vs hack sam pic That makes me sad face

I like the first one, but not the second one. Third one would have been better just not including any blood at all than splattering that stuff on Sam.