Sam & Max Models

I just need Max and Sam. That’s all thank you very much!


If there is links to these models, PM me and let this thread die.

I was just about to request this, I support the idea as I love Sam and Max.

Any help?

ApocHedgie and I are working on it. So far, I’ve got both of their models ripped, and Max is halfway T-posed.

Once they’re done being rigged and whatnot, ApocHedgie will make some face flexes for them.

Good to know RTB, I hear Ilwrath is working on the DeSoto too.

Someone should make a Straight and Narrow map, that’d be fun to play around in

What does that even have to do with this?

Straight and Narrow is the street where Sam and Max live and work.

Nice to see some one on it!

Oh **** yeah…

Oh yeah, I’d like to see a Papierwaite model also.


That iamge makes me wanna see a Psychonauts secret agent model in Gmod.

Check that! We just need Sam now.

S-LoW ported Max :smiley:

Come on we need sam!

release sam now!

Wheres the download for Sam?

That max model is incredibly hard to pose, needs a better phys model.

i’ll release Sam when I’ve figured out all the chinks and kinks(there is a few i’ve missed) just so everyone knows the tie has a bone so it can be posed like its blowing in the wind or whatever.