Sam & Max ragdolls

Seriously? Has anyone does this yet? I’d use the search feature but it doesn’t want to work because FP’s new server sucks.



These are the only two characters I really want, but if you’re feeling adventurous, do other characters like Sybil and Bosco.

I’d be posing some epic crossover shots of these guys and TF2.

I’ll do it (to be honest I thought of it at probably the same time you did); I’ll get Sam & Max, and the DeSoto for sure, and possibly some others later. Give me about two weeks to port 'em.

Hell yes. About time someone answered. Thanks!

bump for justice:

Bumping again after 3 weeks.

Where is it mate?

Sorry, other things have been clogging up my time; I’ll get to work on them when I can, I’ve already got the models, just need to rig them.


It will also be cool if you use the models from The Penal Zone.

That’s what ApocHedgie asked me to help him get the models from. Since he has Windows 7 on his computer, he can’t use 3D Ripper DX, so I got him the models from The Penal Zone to work on.

Awesome. Looking forward to it.