SAM Site/Missile Extremely WIP

Hi. it’s been too long since i last posted so here.

just a little SAM missile i have been working on it’s kinda meh and don’t mind Tibbles singing. just to show off

oops forgot to censor it
Comments and criticism welcome, waiting for grumpy to tear me a new asshole :3

Very nice.
That is all.

Came for the singing, stayed for the explosions.
I like it, where is that missile from?

that missile is all holograms, and its the vanilla hologram too, no holoModelAny()

That’s pretty awesome.

Yay, a seeking missle that you can actually evade.

  • for that.

i edited out the part where my explosion system went lolbork and its fixed now, just need to model a launched and setup multi-missile support, then i’ll be done

the only thing i don’t like, is how straight it flies when it is first fired

nice otherwise

Tibbles is a gigantic faggot with aspergers

Vector thruster + thruster on rear with balanced thrust amounts = realistic performance.

Agreed; a bit is good though. A lot of first- and second-generation SAMs had that; they’d have to fly a short distance so the targeting system could pick them up to plot a flight plan. Sometimes, on SARH missiles, up until the terminal dive, they’d just fly straight or a simple arc, until hitting the projected area (as you can imagine that isn’t hard to avoid lol)
I’d suggest that either the missile be drastically increased in size to be like SA-2 scale, or (more probably) the coast distance should be cut short to maybe 2000.

What’s wrong with Asperger’s exactly?

i had a hard time making it look realistic but also do that, adding random numbers to the angle is hard to make it look good.
if you have any suggestions please tell me.

To anyone who is interested when i fire the missile it starts moving forwards, at the same time it runs a incrementing size findInCone (the find degrees increments) as long as there is no target. Once it finds a target it starts changing the holo’s angles slowly to make realistic turning (Head = -clamp(Holo:heading(Target:pos()),-2,-2)
Angles = Holo:toWorld(Head)
the whole while it is doing that it is running a rangerHullOffset() for hit tracing.

Very nice, I laughed a little at the singing.

Took forever to make. Saw that like 2 monthes ago

hah that was a similar model for my stinger

Man how many times you tested that crap until you got it

Just slap some trig into it

this is pretty awesome , but a javelin would be awesome’er


Missile is very nice, too. I’m impressed.

GoldenDragon, ooh the good old laughs.