Samaritan Walking Down a Forest Road After a Minor Conflict

I know this has been done a billion times, but this is my first time posing a ragdoll that’s not from Team Fortress 2.

I personally think that this looks pretty good for a first Half-Life 2 Pose.

But what do you think?

All C&C is required.

Actually looks very good, the legs are fucked up though.

Looks good, posing and in-game editing is solid (except the legs). Maybe go down just a hair on the Dof.

It looks super great for in-game. The posing seems pretty good, minus the legs.

Very good job overall.

super great work :smiley:

Very cool. Legs are kinda off, but I like it.

I don’t know what happened to his legs, when I looked at him from a different angle, the legs appeared normal. But I guess it’s the model, I don’t know


Thanks for Commenting everyone!
Even though I thought this died