Same Server name and randome player name bug : How can i fix this ?

Hi guys,

I have recently had this bug where all the server name are ‘‘Streamer Mode Active’’ and the players i cross have a randome name.
On my friend face i can read the name ‘‘Cathrine’’ but he is called ‘‘Vendetta’’. So everytime i speak to someone in chat i need to see his profil pic and see with the recent players.
I had a bug before for the server and i did something in the PC console ( not in the game console ). I have to wait my friend joining the game to tell me wha’ts the name of it.
Someone have this probleme or fixed it ? Thanks for the support.

Major lag on London 1 server, but keep going Gary, you work is great. Love this game.

See ya !

Open the console and type gobal.streamermode 0.

Streamer mode is intended to prevent people streamsniping by randomizing player names and hiding server names, so its hard to tell what server a streamer is on.

Thank you very much sir, fixed :smiley: