Sammy Servers Custom DarkRP and TTT

Hello I’m a representative from and I’m here to advertise our game servers. We have 6 servers in total; 4 Zombie Master servers(which will not be mentioned here on this as I do not want to go off-topic, unless you want information about then feel free to post and I will add it on.) and 2 Garry’s Mod servers.

We have a total of 2 Garry’s mod servers. We have a TTT(Trouble in Terrorist Town) server with our own unique weapons such as AUGs, AWPs(Terrorist only), TMP’s, SPAS(Detective only) and P90’s. In addition our Traitor has a Jihad bomb available for purchase.

We also have a unique DarkRP server with many of our own edits including our unique bounty system, a lot of classes such as: bounty hunter, CP, CP tech specialist, CP chief, CP sniper, Mayor, Gangster, Mob Boss, Gundealer, Medic, Hobo, Hobo lord, Thief, Drug dealer, Banker, Security guard, Terrorist, Admin class, Pet, Private eye and Delivery man (A total of 21.) We are actively updating all of our servers with new content, and have a very big update planned for the DarkRP server in the near future. (See our forum for more details).

We are constantly taking suggestions for changes / improvements on the servers, so feel free to voice your opinions on our forum.

So what are you waiting for? Come and register at:

Don’t be shy! Let us know that you’re here and new at:

Good at coding and want to help us out? Come here to help us out:

A player bothering you when no admin was on? Or perhaps dealt with an abusive admin? Post here:
But before reporting make sure you follow these guidelines:
This will help us take your report seriously and deal with it as soon as possible.
Got banned and want to know why? Be sure to go here:

Want to know the rules of DarkRP before logging on? Check out our MOTD here:

IPs: - DarkRP! [FAST-DL] - Trouble In Terrorist Town! [FAST-DL]

Never, EVER join these servers. I joined the DarkRP a while back and it was completely horrible. Everyone was DMing, admins spawning guns, and a ton of useless jobs.

Due to recent updates we have removed useless jobs.(Such as cook seeing as hunger mod is no longer activated) Admins may not spawn weapons anymore, it is now owner only as we saw this was getting abused too much. The DM problem is dealt with immediately if possible, if lower level admins are on then they will kick them until they leave or freeze them or simply permanently gag them until they can be dealt with properly. I apologize for what you experienced your last time but the server has changed quite a bit in the past 2 months or so. So I ask you come back to check it out again.

Are you sure? I just joined about a month ago and someone was prop blocking the whole map.

If you mean someone was blocking the spawn they are permanently banned after doing so and will be dealt with accordingly. No ones servers are perfect. I ask that you at least give it a try and if you don’t like it then I guess that’s that. We try our best to make our servers as enjoyable as possible. I apologize for all of your issues in the past and hope you at least give us another chance.

You better of removed the Teletubbie pet.

We didn’t. Much different now though, same model, but instead of an obnoxious rdming head crab pill we changed it with a pigeon pill. Harmless.

LOL. You guys still have the teletubbie pet? XD

Yeah it’s a lot more fun to play now imo. Just flying around is pretty fun. So is shitting on people. xD