Sam's Hat and Head from Sam & Max

This is a release of “source files” from a little pack I was working on. It was going to have Sam’s head and hat as a replacement for Team Fortress 2 hats. Let me know if there are any problems. Please see the readme.txt file included in the package for further information, credits, and legal warnings.



Note: Source files available in 3DS Max 2010 (*.MAX), and *.SMD file formats. There is also compiled versions.


Bump for quality. This shouldn’t be on page 3 with no comments!!

Looks great, hope to see them both released as TF2 Mods!

Good job.

Also, isn’t/hasn’t Luigimario doing/done a Max bunny head hat for TF2?

It’s kinda weird that something like this would get done before actual Sam & Max ragdolls were made. :frowning:

Because these are in the source engine. I asked for Telltale ragdolls a year or two ago and somebody told me “I can do it for you but it’s illegal to rip these models”

Submit Sams hat to the contribution site.

Please contribute these. They are awesome.

Technically all model rips are illegal but nobody really cares, not even the devs.

Then I want people to start ripping Telltale stuff. I’m sure Telltale was against it though as it cheapens the characters as people see them in comics everywhere.

Which is stupid.

The head goes well with the spy’s body. I would have spawned his hat but it didn’t work (if it was meant to have the same name as the pyro’s Max’s Severed Head, then it doesn’t work in gmod and instead spawns that.)

I especially like the way you’ve jiggleboned his face.

Sam, have you lost weight?

Haha , That was funny XD , I really like these Models