Samurai armor? or a model?

I have requested this a long time ago but i didn’t have luck that time.

So i’am requesting samurai models for a second try.

I had the idea that you could port samurai models from total war shogun 2 (in my previous request thread)
But it was no luck.

Now i’m asking this again.

Here are some pictures:

The armor.

I hope this attempt will be better.

Thank you.

Good reference material.

I think there was a suit of samurai armour in MnB. Not sure though.

If you mean Mount & Blade you could just get Onin No Ran and port from it. I doubt Fujiwara gives a shit at this point.

How about the map models from shogun 2? theres ninjas too.

I support this :slight_smile:

Fallout 3’s add-on Mothership Zeta had a samurai armor. I’ve got it and I can send it to anyone willing to rig it.