Samurai Model and NPC, please?

**Well, I’m new here. I’ve been looking and looking for a Samurai model and/or Npc, with no luck. I mean, even if someone could show me how to myself, I’d be very thankful. I can get any tool I need to, just need the guidance and help. This is my request.

Thanks a ton,
TheLaugingGod :suicide:

Modeling is not easy you know, Its like sculpting :confused:
a whole lot of it depends on your artistic talent
It takes months to learn to use your first modeling program. If your serious about this remember that you’ll be devoted to this project of yours for months.

First thing you would need to do is create a concept, sketch it out from all angles.

then create a final concept

Use the concepts as a template to “sculpt” out your model

and that’s how you make your own model

if you are up to the task I can tell you more

Just pay someone to port the jedi knight II/A samurai models.

Definitely. First, what progams/apps do I need? I have my concept art drafted and what not.

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Because, that requires money. Plus, I’d actually rather make my own.

You need a modeling program
there is Blender, Softimage, 3ds max

I don’t suppose you know how to rig too?

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Alright, next step?