Samurai nightmare

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I know the title might not be that fitting but I honestly could’nt think of a good one.
Oh and If you want please comment and give advice It Is much appreciated. Thank you.

That is fucking amazing!

You’re exaggeration a bit, don’t you think?

I mean yeah, the posing is pretty good but the screenshot itself is pretty mediocre. It’s just a single ragdoll in a nearly empty setting with a black and white filter. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing.

Thank you very much.

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Well It’s suppost to be as if In a dream, So I meant to put It In a very void type space.

Meh, it’s pretty boring and the posing seems weird to me.

Filter kinda hurts my eyes.

It’s maybe simple, but as the first comment said: This is fucking amazing!!!

It’s just. It’s just awesome.

Mind if i ask… where is the model from?

tekken 6 yoshimitsu.
his stomach is pretty ugly though.